About us

   “Being motiv8ed to do what you are really passionate about is the key to your future success”

Meet our team

Veselin Kichukov

"Veselin likes to get his hands dirty with web development techniques. His main field of expertise is PHP HTML and Javascript”

Georgi Serbezov

"Georgi likes spending time working on big software challenges. He's great at techniques such as Azure, Micro Services and Laravel.”

Dan Velev

"Dan is your guy if you want things done fast with no questions asked. He loves to play around with Python SQL and Machine Learning.”

Tiffany Dimova

"Tiffany is really ambitions and love to focus on the long term success of the company. She is great at Marketing strategy and Finance.”

Who we are

Here at Motiv8soft we strive to create awesome and reliable solutions for our clients and partners. We love our work which is the key to our past and future success. We are always open for new projects and challenges. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Short-term Projects

In our company we like to separate our projects in two main categories : short-term and long-term projects. An example of a short-term project could be the development of piece of software that does not require further maintenance and/or changes. 

Long-term Projects

Our long-term project does not finish with the delivery of the final product. We keep in touch with our clients and help them when changes and/or improvements are needed.

Motiv8soft is your friend along your road to success.

Contact us at any time.